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October 2013 Archives

Elderly pedestrian killed by careless bus driver in Pennsylvania

It is difficult to imagine that an everyday activity could turn to tragedy with just one reckless moment. Recklessness, particularly behind the wheel of a vehicle, can lead to severe traffic accidents. One elderly woman didn't survive the reckless behavior of a bus driver last month.

Hit motorcycle leads to 5 deaths in Pennsylvania crashes

In a recent post on this personal injury site, we shared a Pennsylvania motorcyclist's thoughts about a recent incident involving a death and an assault involving motorcycle riders. He tried to make the point that not all who ride motorcycles cause mayhem like those involved in the New York incident.

Computer problems slow down workers' comp claims

An update to a government computer system in Pennsylvania has brought the workers' compensation system to a stop. The new system was supposed to improve and overhaul the process for filing workers' compensation claims, but the new system seems to be having the opposite effect. Problems range from the inability to upload claims to paperwork for the court simply disappearing. As a result of these issues, injured workers are unable to get hearings, and there is an enormous backlog of cases.

Discovery of suspected cause of Fibromyalgia could help disabled

Most people don't want to live with pain. They want to live healthy lives and engage in the activities of healthy people. Those activities might be leisurely such as walking, swimming, etc. Those activities might be of the professional kind like typing, driving or other physical tasks that financially support workers in Pennsylvania.

State motorcycle group speaks out about recent attack by riders

Though the Sep. 29 incident wherein an SUV driver was attacked by a motorcyclist didn't take place in Pennsylvania, the behavior of the motorcyclists involved is having an impact on motorcycling enthusiasts everywhere. The extreme nature and the footage available of the New York ride and attack could give the idea that all motorcyclists behave so recklessly.

Government shutdown severely hampers OSHA

Workers in Pennsylvania who perform dangerous jobs may be especially concerned about the government shutdown which began on Oct. 1. The investigation of workplace accidents by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, has all but shut down, with 90 percent of the agency's inspectors furloughed. Manpower levels are so low that only serious emergencies will receive a response.

New phone option meant to keep drivers in 'driving mode'

Do you use your cellphone while driving? If you do, you are not unlike the many drivers who either talk or even text while behind the wheel. Some will do so even if their state has laws against texting and driving. It is a hard habit to break, but also a crucial habit for drivers in Pennsylvania and beyond to break.

Your hospital might have some dangerous secrets, part 2

Our previous post this week began a list of some of the dangers that can threaten patients' safety. We mentioned how the ratio of nurses to patients can make a difference in patient health. We also shared how not all medical workers are the experienced, qualified doctors that all would hope to have working on them in a medical situation. 

Preliminary objections overruled in workplace injury case

A Pennsylvania judge has overruled a defendant's preliminary objections to being named in a joinder complaint to an initial workplace injury case. The judge stated that the defendant had 20 days from the judicial order to file a response to the suit.

Your hospital might have some dangerous secrets, part 1

It is pretty normal for people to dread doctor or hospital visits. There is the common dread, but then there is a level of dread that should be avoidable -- that is if all health care facilities and workers lived up to proper safety standards. In an ideal world, patients wouldn't have to fear for their safety while receiving health care.

Subcontractor files lawsuit after on-the-job accident

A Philadelphia worker filed a lawsuit on Sept. 23 after he was injured on the job and broke his arm while working as a subcontractor when items on a forklift fell off onto him. The construction accident happened as he worked on a commercial loading dock on April 30. His attorney has filed the legal paperwork in a state court.

Are teens put on the roads while too apt to cause accidents?

For adults who have been driving for decades, signaling a turn or slowing and accelerating just right for a turn become sort of unconscious habits, hopefully. Experience is traffic safety's best friend. So what does that make inexperienced teen drivers?

Breath test phone apps: Will they prevent drunk driving crashes?

"There is an app for that," is a marketing slogan that is true for just about any situation. There are cellphone applications that can track budgets, help us lose weight, keep us from getting lost, etc. There are cellphone apps that can tell us whether we are too drunk to drive. What do you think about that idea?

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