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Proving Liability And Damages In Cases Of Surgical Error

If you need advice about your right to damages for errors on the part of a surgeon, anesthesiologist, postoperative recovery team or other medical professional associated with surgery, contact a skilled personal injury attorney at the law firm of Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe in Enola and Harrisburg. We serve the needs of people throughout central Pennsylvania.

Our goal in surgical error cases is to prove that negligence on the part of a medical professional harmed you or a member of your family. It’s one thing to prove that a member of the surgical team made a mistake. It’s quite another to prove that the error resulted in death or a serious injury or illness.

Identifying Who Was Responsible

We have the experience and familiarity with medical evidence necessary to identify the crucial facts that will make or break your case against a defendant surgeon or nurse. Once in a while, a case of surgical error will be fairly easy to establish, as for example when an operation is performed on the wrong body part. Even in that case, it might be difficult to pinpoint the responsible defendant.

Examples Of Surgical Errors

We represent people with medical malpractice claims for surgical error in such situations as:

  • Informed consent violations
  • Retained objects claims, such as surgical instruments left by mistake in the patient’s body
  • Damage to vital organs caused by laparoscopic surgery errors
  • Anesthesia errors resulting in brain damage or neurological disorders
  • Negligent postoperative care
  • Failure to monitor vital signs or respond to distress during and after surgery
  • Injuries resulting from infections acquired in the hospital

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For more information about our experience with medical negligence litigation against a surgeon or other professional, contact a lawyer at our offices in Harrisburg or Enola.