Compassionate Guidance On Wrongful Death Claims

As experienced trial lawyers, the attorneys of Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP have seen how different families have different needs and interests in the aftermath of a fatal accident. While many families are justifiably concerned about their financial security after the wrongful death of a working parent, a fatal accident case isn’t always about the money.

Whatever your problems and concerns might be after the loss of a loved one through negligence, our law firm is prepared to help you through every stage of a difficult transition. Contact us in Harrisburg or Enola to learn about your legal alternatives and to discuss your needs and priorities with experienced attorneys.

Your Goals Matter

Whether your primary goal is financial security, the need to publicize a misunderstood hazard so that other deaths can be avoided, or just to find out what happened to your loved one, we can work with you and advance your objectives. We can also adapt to changing needs as they develop over time.

Experience That Counts

We represent families in both Pennsylvania wrongful death lawsuits for negligence damages and workers’ compensation death benefits cases for fatal workplace accidents. In many situations involving job-related fatalities, we can pursue your rights under both systems of compensation.

Our law firm has a great deal of experience with wrongful death litigation and with meeting the other practical and emotional challenges that families experience in different ways after a tragic loss.

For more information about our approach to client service in wrongful death litigation, contact our firm today.