Our previous post this week began a list of some of the dangers that can threaten patients’ safety. We mentioned how the ratio of nurses to patients can make a difference in patient health. We also shared how not all medical workers are the experienced, qualified doctors that all would hope to have working on them in a medical situation. 

The following potential safety threats are additions to medical field shortfalls that can lead to medical malpractice scenarios. Someone who believes that he or she or someone whom they love has gotten sick or further injured due to any of these listed risks should work with a personal injury attorney who is experienced in cases involving medical mistakes:

A study indicates that a significant portion of medical staff do not follow hand-washing protocol. That could mean your doctor’s or nurse’s hands are not as clean as they should be when they examine you or a loved one. Patients who come in for one thing can end up suffering from a completely preventable infection because of medical professionals’ lax hygiene.

Medication errors can happen and be very serious. Systems should be in place and utilized within hospitals to ensure that patients are getting the right drugs and that they are getting the right dosages of their medications. Patients can help themselves by asking questions about the drugs they are given, too.

Patient persistence is powerful in preventing medical errors; however, patients are not the ones who are trained in medicine. A certain level of safety and professional is expected of medical professionals. When that level isn’t met, patients get hurt or even die. When those losses are preventable, victims or their families have rights to try to seek compensation and justice.

Source: Men’s Health, “Protect Yourself: 8 Common Mistakes Made by Hospital Staffs,” Cindy Kuzma, Oct. 7, 2013