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Refer Injury Clients To Our Skilled Attorneys

For over 30 years, our practice has been based on referrals from other attorneys, former clients, insurance agents and even the businesses and people who have had cases against. Our referral relationships are the lifeblood of our law firm and we strive to demonstrate that every time a client is referred to us.

Are you an attorney looking to refer a personal injury claim to a reliable law firm? Are you an insurance agent whose client needs some help? Are you an employer who is concerned about an injured worker’s rights in a third-party claim? We don’t just take referrals, we place tremendous value in each one. We’ll deploy every resource available to secure the best possible result for each client.

For over three decades our attorneys at Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP have been committed to improving the future lives of personal injury clients throughout central Pennsylvania. We heavily invest ourselves into each claim, giving every client the time, attention and resources they need to know that their case is important.

We Offer Unyielding Advocacy For All Personal Injury Claims

While there are never any guarantees in a personal injury case, our lawyers have obtained many six-figure and million-dollar settlements for our clients. While we always hope to work out a fair agreement with the opposing parties, we are unafraid to take a case to litigation – and our courtroom skills speak for themselves.

Our singular goal is to maximize the amount of compensation our clients receive. That means:

  • We look for all available sources of recovery. We want our clients to receive every dollar they are due, and that means looking carefully at all sources of liability.
  • We never give up and force a client to settle. If our clients are unhappy with a settlement offer, we keep negotiating. If negotiations fail, we continue to fight for a better outcome.
  • We negotiate our client’s liens and medical bills. Post-recovery liens and medical bill payments can eat away at the funds our clients need. We work with providers and insurance companies to lower the costs.

Our reputation for trial excellence and determined advocacy gives us a distinct edge in tough negotiations.

When Serious Injuries Are Involved, We Get Results

At Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP, our attorneys take pride in working directly with our clients – not through case managers. We are happy to speak to you about referrals for personal injury claims for victims in Enola, Harrisburg and throughout surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. Contact our office at 717-229-6580 today.