Dedicated Advocacy For Pennsylvania Truck Accident Victims

The successful litigation and resolution of truck accident claims taps into a different set of legal skills from those typical of a car accident claim. The injuries are likely to be more severe, the liability questions are often complicated, and the defense will have a strong incentive to challenge the details of a six- or seven-figure damages demand. For the advice of attorneys who know how to meet the demands of complex truck accident litigation, contact Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP for a free consultation.

Turn To Us For Legal And Practical Guidance

Our firm handles all aspects of truck accident cases. The first order of business for a truck accident victim is to make sure that proper medical care is in place, and that there’s no confusion about getting your hospital bills paid. At the same time, we go right to work collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and protecting our ability to prove your liability claims against a negligent driver or trucking company.

If it’s in your best interest, we even go to court right away for restraining orders to make sure that the truck that hit you and your own vehicle are preserved in their existing state until we get the chance to make a thorough inspection with our experts. Examination of the physical evidence could include the vehicle itself and the “black box” data that every big rig logs.

Proving Your Case

Our experience with truck accident litigation helps us take a straight route to proof of the facts that will make or break your case. Whether the cause of the crash was driver fatigue, inadequate maintenance, poor driver training or defective components, our approach to the investigation of causation issues can lead to a strong presentation both in settlement negotiations and at trial.

We take the same approach to detail in the proof of damages in semi truck accidents and other commercial vehicle crashes. Because the liability insurance limits in truck accident litigation generally start at $1 million, the defense has plenty of incentive to fight you on the damages part of your case. We know how to prove every piece of your damages claim in sufficient detail to establish your demand for payment.

Put Our Experienced Team On Your Side

For additional information about our experience with truck accident litigation, contact an experienced lawyer at Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP for a free consultation.

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