In a recent post on this personal injury site, we shared a Pennsylvania motorcyclist’s thoughts about a recent incident involving a death and an assault involving motorcycle riders. He tried to make the point that not all who ride motorcycles cause mayhem like those involved in the New York incident.

Sometimes, motorcyclists get hurt due to the wrongdoing of other drivers. A fatal accident in Pennsylvania took the lives of not just one, but five motorcycling victims. And, no, the motorcycle accidents were not due to the negligence of the motorcycle drivers, according to initial details of the severe wreck.

Last Saturday afternoon, a traffic accident ensued that shows just how dangerous it can be on the roads for motorcycles. According to the Associated Press, four motorcycles were taken down by one SUV. That SUV, based on the crash investigation thus far, failed to stay in its lane.

One collision between the SUV and the first bike made for a ripple effect of damage. The other bikes got hit once control was lost around them, and a total of five people died, including a passenger inside the SUV. The ages of the victims range from 27 to 67.

The amount of loss that the traffic accident has left behind makes this the kind of situation that rocks its community. AP does not report anything on the driver of the SUV and whether there is a case being made against him, either criminal or civil.


Motorcyclists too often get injured or killed when other drivers make reckless decisions. When that happens, victims and those who loved them have legal options to discuss with a personal injury lawyer. 


Source: Associated Press, “5 From Pa. Die as Motorcycles, SUV Crash Near Md.” Oct. 20, 2013