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Involved In An Auto Accident?

It helps to have an experienced lawyer on your side if you need advice about your legal options following a serious car accident. For a free consultation about your claims, contact Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe to learn about your right to damages and for help with any problems that come up along the way.

We Know The Law

Timothy Shollenberger, Karl Januzzi and Adam Wolfe are known throughout Pennsylvania for their skill with car accident claims. Timothy A. Shollenberger has written and lectured extensively on motor vehicle negligence issues, and he is a recognized authority on Pennsylvania auto insurance law.

In 2006 one of Mr. Shollenberger clients who was injured in a car accident was offered $55,000 to settle her case. While results can vary from case to case (please see disclaimer below), Mr. Shollenberger achieved a $793,000 verdict for that client.

Guidance On Legal And Practical Issues

Beyond our lawyers’ ability to advise and represent you on the legal aspects of your car accident claim, our law firm is committed as well to helping you with the practical difficulties and complications that can arise after a serious injury accident.

We can help make sure that your medical bills are paid, and assist with recovering lost income. If you’re having trouble getting a correct diagnosis or effective treatment, we can help with those problems as well.

Handling All Types Of Accident Claims

Our practice covers the full range of car crash scenarios, ranging from serious soft tissue trauma to severe brain or spinal injuries that can lead to extended or permanent disability. We work with victims of such accidents as the following:

  • Accidents involving two or more private motorists
  • Collisions with trucks or other commercial vehicles
  • Accidents caused by dangerous roads or improper highway maintenance
  • Accident injuries suffered by out-of-state drivers or their passengers
  • Bicycle or pedestrian accidents
  • Drunk driving or hit-and-run accidents
  • Injuries suffered by professional drivers of all kinds

Most of our clients come from Harrisburg, Enola and other nearby central Pennsylvania communities, but we’ve achieved settlements and trial victories in car accident claims throughout the Commonwealth.

You Are Not Alone. We Will Fight For Your Rights.

To learn more about our approach to client service in auto accident cases, contact Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe for a free consultation.