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Harrisburg Workers' Compensation Law Blog

Tips for driving safely alongside cyclists

With summer quickly approaching, cyclists across Pennsylvania have begun to bring their bicycles out from storage for more regular use. While many choose to ride their bike to work or for recreational purposes, preventing accidents between motor vehicles and bikes remains a critical issue.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 783 bicyclists were killed in traffic accidents across the country in 2017. Due to the greater protection provided by cars, buses, trucks and other motor vehicles, bicyclists often suffer more serious injuries in such crashes. To guard against serious accidents, both drivers and bicyclists can benefit from keeping a few considerations in mind.

E-scooters may be on Harrisburg streets soon—but are they safe?

The idea of taking a scooter instead of a car on the city streets is appealing. Picking up an electric scooter, getting your errands done and simply dropping it off on the sidewalk sounds much easier than finding parking and navigating traffic.

Electric scooter rentals are the new big thing to make getting around easier—but they aren’t perfect. You should know about the potential risks of e-scooters.

Are virtual doctor’s visits good for your child?

Smartphones can make parenting much more convenient. You no longer have to remember the way to every friend’s house, you can set reminders for when to pick your children up from activities and you can easily talk to your child when they are away with a simple text.

Getting help for your sick child is one thing that the Internet may also make easier. You might even do an entire doctor’s appointment online. But is it as good as going to the doctor’s office in person?

Top causes of accidents on construction sites

Warmer spring weather signals the start of construction across Pennsylvania on roads, bridges, buildings and more. This also marks the time for employers, property owners and construction site workers alike to take measures to guard against the potential for serious accidents.

Construction sites can pose constant risks for workers. These risks can include defective equipment, human error, dangerous conditions and more that lead to serious and sometimes fatal injuries on Pennsylvania work sites.

Falls cause more brain injuries for both older and younger people

There can be serious consequences when a person over the age of 65 falls down. Older folks are more susceptible to broken bones and other internal damage. It isn’t very surprising that falls cause the most traumatic brain injuries (TBI) for older adults.

It might be more surprising that falling also causes the most TBIs for younger people. More than half of TBI-related hospital visits for children younger than 14 are due to falls. It is important to know how to keep members of both these age groups safe from TBIs.

Keep your teen driver safe on prom night

The night finally arrives. Your son or daughter spent hours getting ready in the bathroom and preparing for the big night, prom night. Their date finally comes to the door, and your kid is ready to speed off to the local high school. Unfortunately, it is the last moment some parents have with their children.

Prom nights are notorious for risky behavior among teenagers, so it’s unsurprising that risky behavior also translates to their driving. Teen drivers may speed, skip signs or drink while driving. It’s crucial to know how you, as a parent, may prevent any severe crashes on prom night.

Harrisburg releases plan to eliminate pedestrian deaths

Pedestrian safety has become a critical issue. In just the past five years in Harrisburg, 19 people were hit and killed by cars while 105 were seriously injured. Nationally, the Governors Highway Safety Association recently released data that shows pedestrian deaths approaching a 30-year high.

‘Vision Zero’ is a campaign committed to eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries across the country. City officials kicked off Harrisburg’s Vision Zero campaign in May 2018. Similar campaigns exist in many cities across the U.S., including in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and more. One of the overarching themes of Vision Zero is viewing pedestrian deaths as preventable, rather than inevitable.

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Volvo to include a max speed in new cars

While the speed limit in Pennsylvania may be as fast as 70 mph on the freeways, it's no secret that many people drive much faster. Whether they have a lead foot, are late for an appointment or simply lost track of their speed, many drivers do not obey the posted speed limit.

Most people think of speeding as a harmless act. You get a ticket, you pay a fine, you move on. Maybe your insurance rates go up too. The reason for the law, though, and for the higher insurance premium, is because the data doesn't lie. Speeding increases both the risk of accident and the risk of injury.

Pennsylvania worker killed by falling shed

A Pennsylvania woman was killed when a temporary shed fell on top of her. According to U.S. News & World Report, a woman and her male coworker were smoking in the temporary structure, when the wind caught the hut and toppled it over on top of them on Feb. 8.

Tammy Hockenberry died from her injuries, and her coworker remains hospitalized. He is in stable condition with injuries to his legs and ankles.

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