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First Party Benefits in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the benefits offered by auto insurance policies can be broken into a number of categories, two of which are first-party benefits and third-party benefits. Third-party benefits are those benefits that are paid out to the injured party from the insured party. First-party benefits are benefits that the injured party receives from his or her own insurance policy.

First-party benefits frequently play an important role in car wreck cases. At Shollenberger, Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP, our lawyers understand that role. We bring decades of experience to auto insurance matters such as these. Ultimately, we use our knowledge to make certain our clients get all of the money they are entitled to after suffering an injury in an auto wreck.

What Is PIP Coverage In Pennsylvania?

Personal injury protection (PIP) benefits are considered first-party benefits. PIP coverage is required by law in Pennsylvania. Every automobile insurance policy, excluding motorcycle policies, must include medical benefits of at least $5,000. This will be used toward any medical bills resulting from a car crash injury, regardless of who was at fault.

Unfortunately, car wrecks frequently result in more than $5,000 worth of medical expenses. Thankfully, policyholders can choose to purchase additional PIP coverage. First-party insurance coverage can be purchased that will protect the insured party from lost wages and other costs.

If You Have Been In An Auto Crash

It is important to understand that your insurance company may not immediately provide all of the benefits you deserve. We will work to make certain you get all of the benefits you are entitled to under your policy, and as quickly as possible. We will also take action against the negligent driver who caused the car accident.

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