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Motorcycle Safety — Recognizing Your Cyclist

At Shollenberger, Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP, we have represented many injured motorcycle riders over the years. We know all too well that drivers of cars are simply not educated about how to safely share the road with motorcyclists. While this does not get them off the hook when their negligence causes a motorcycle accident, it does provide us with the opportunity to offer information to cautious drivers who want to learn more about how to watch out for motorcycles. For that reason, we have prepared the following motorcycle awareness and safety tips.

Use Caution When Taking Left Turns

One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is the inattention of drivers who take left turns in front of cyclists. Most drivers are trained to watch for oncoming cars when taking left turns, but often fail to watch for oncoming motorcycles. Our lawyers encourage drivers to take an extra moment before making a left turn to verify that there are no oncoming motorcycles.

Use Caution When Pulling Out From Stop Signs

Another common cause of motorcycle collisions is the negligence of drivers who pull out from stop signs and hit motorcycle riders. Again, this is due to drivers watching out for cars, but not watching out for motorcycles. Motorcycles are smaller, so it is important to take an extra moment to watch out for them before pulling out into traffic from a stop sign.

Allow Motorcyclists Their Space

Motorcycle riders are more susceptible to hazards in the road. Something that a car might be able to drive right over may require a motorcyclist to swerve or slow down. By allowing motorcyclists two or more car lengths space, you give motorcycle riders more room to maneuver away from hazards without risking a collision.

Motorcyclists: Ride With Care!

Our attorneys do not blame motorcyclists for accidents caused by negligent drivers. However, we know that in almost every case, the negligent driver will say that he or she did not see the motorcycle rider. We always recommend that our motorcycle riding friends wear bright clothing, use their headlights and take every possible precaution to avoid accidents.

If you are a motorcycle rider who has been hurt by a negligent driver, we are here to help. For a free consultation, call our lawyers at 717-229-6580 or send us an email. Our law firm has offices in Harrisburg and Enola, Pennsylvania.