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Making Sense Of Your Rights After A Multi-Car Accident

Sorting out liability and insurance issues in a multiple-car collision can be very complex. It is important to determine not only who is at fault but also which driver has enough insurance to pay for your damages.

At Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, our attorneys offer a free initial consultation to explain your options and answer your questions if you have been injured in a multi-car pileup. With offices in Harrisburg and Enola, we represent people injured in accidents throughout central Pennsylvania.

Complex Issues That Come Up In These Cases

In a multiple-car collision, more than one driver may be at fault. While the accident may have been caused by someone several cars ahead of you, a person who plows into you from behind may also be at fault. Identifying all liable parties is important for several reasons:

One of the most important services an experienced personal injury lawyer can do for you is evaluate all potential sources of liability given the facts of your case and then pursue maximum compensation using our civil justice system.

Our law firm works with an investigator and experts who help us gather all of the information from the police and witnesses, reconstruct the accident, and identify all parties who may be liable.

Legal Counsel You Can Count On

For dependable advice about your legal options after an auto accident, call our lawyers at 717-229-6580 or contact us by e-mail.