A Philadelphia worker filed a lawsuit on Sept. 23 after he was injured on the job and broke his arm while working as a subcontractor when items on a forklift fell off onto him. The construction accident happened as he worked on a commercial loading dock on April 30. His attorney has filed the legal paperwork in a state court.

The lawsuit claims that the items were placed on the forklift by employees at Sysco Philadelphia, a distribution center. It further emphasizes the need of the company to ensure that the equipment was safe during operation for both workers and subcontractors. The court documents accuse Sysco of negligently stacking the items in a pile that was too tall and of failing to realize how dangerous their actions were. He added that the company didn’t provide proper supervision of workers.

The subcontractor claimed he suffered complicated injuries to his left arm that ended up causing serious damage to his entire nervous system. As a result, he was not able to maintain employment after the accident and lost significant wages. In addition, his medical expenses mounted after the accident. He added that he can’t enjoy life’s pleasures the way he did before the accident and is requesting more than $50,000 in compensation. It is unknown if he is seeking damages for pain and suffering or punitive sanctions.

After a devastating injury, the injured party might not know what legal recourse they have, especially if they work as a subcontractor and not a regular company employee. A worker’s compensation lawyer might be able to help clients understand their rights after an accident and pursue financial compensation in order to hold an employer accountable for their actions.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Forklift operator sues Phila. distribution center over fractured arm sustained while on the job“, Jon Campisi, October 02, 2013