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Fatal Accidents: Serving Your Family’s Needs During A Difficult Time

There is nothing more devastating than losing a family member in an accident. When that accident is caused by the negligence of another party, then the family may wish to obtain justice for their family member.

The attorneys at Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP are here to help you at this difficult time. We can help you deal with the legal and financial issues so you can focus on your family. We offer a free initial consultation to explain your rights and answer your questions. With offices in Harrisburg and Enola, we represent clients throughout central Pennsylvania.

Understanding Wrongful Death Claims

When death is the result of another party’s negligence, the survivors have a right to hold the wrongdoer accountable by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death suit is different from a criminal case. Even if the other party’s negligence does not result in criminal charges, he or she can still be held accountable financially for damages resulting from the death. Examples of damages include:

  • Medical and funeral expenses
  • Loss of financial support and future earnings
  • Loss of services
  • Loss of consortium for a spouse
  • Loss of parental guidance for a child

Often, more than one family member has a right to seek damages from a fatal auto accident. For example, if a father or mother dies, both the spouse and minor children may have claims. If a single person dies, his or her parents, adult children or siblings may have a right of recovery. The laws determining who is eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit are complex, and our lawyers will advise you of your rights during your free initial consultation.

Discuss Your Legal Options With Our Lawyers

For dependable advice about your legal options after a wrongful death, call our attorneys at 717-229-6580 or contact us by e-mail.