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Dependable Advice For Drunk Driving Accident Victims

If you or someone in your family suffered injuries in a car accident involving alcohol or drug use on the part of the other driver, contact a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer at Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP in Harrisburg or Enola. Our experience with the recovery of damages in complex accident claims can give you a major advantage toward recovering the compensation you need and deserve.

How These Cases Are Different

Drunk driving can definitely be a complicating factor in a car accident case. While the fact of a DUI arrest or conviction can make it easier to establish the drunk driver’s liability to you, collecting the damages you prove can be a problem.

Auto insurance policies won’t usually cover any punitive damages that a jury might award. It’s also likely that the other driver’s coverage limits won’t cover the full amount of your actual losses, including compensation for pain and suffering. You can expect to run into problems with your own insurance company when you try to collect under your own uninsured or underinsured motorist protection or under your medical bills covered or work loss covered.

We Understand How To Achieve Success For Victims And Their Families

At Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP, our attorneys are recognized authorities on Pennsylvania auto insurance law. Our familiarity with the finer points of car insurance can help you get the most out of all available coverage if you were involved in an accident with an underinsured drunk driver or even a hit-and-run motorist.

Our Help Goes Beyond Just The Legal Issues

While we’re protecting your legal interests in the aftermath of a drunk driving accident, our attorneys and staff work closely with our clients to resolve any problems you encounter with medical treatment, accurate diagnosis of your injuries, or any other difficulties that result from the accident but don’t necessarily relate to the lawsuit.

Get In Touch Today

For more information about the scope of our client service in drunk driving accidents, contact Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP in Enola and Harrisburg for a free consultation.