Most people don’t want to live with pain. They want to live healthy lives and engage in the activities of healthy people. Those activities might be leisurely such as walking, swimming, etc. Those activities might be of the professional kind like typing, driving or other physical tasks that financially support workers in Pennsylvania.

When people’s reported pains or illnesses are suspected to be “all in their minds” by some, it is easy to see how that might be frustrating. Not only are sufferers basically being called liars, but they continue to live in pain because treatments and other opportunities are not as easily available to them. Maybe things will change for fibromyalgia sufferers as a result of a new medical finding.

A National Institutes of Health study indicates that there might be an identifiable, medical cause of fibromyalgia. The condition is most simply described as muscle and joint pain throughout the body. Despite the great pain that sufferers claim to endure due to the condition, there’s been little to support the argument that their hardship isn’t only in their minds. Scientists now believe that problems with the body’s core temperature result in fibromyalgia.

What does this mean in terms of Social Security disability claims? The pain associated with fibromyalgia could certainly make it impossible for a worker to carry out his or her job. If there is scientific evidence that supports a person’s disability claim, getting the necessary insurance payments becomes easier. However, even with tests and medical evidence, a SSDI attorney is crucial in the effort of qualifying for disability payments.

Source: The Washington Times, “Fibromyalgia solved; A pathology, not in the mind,” Paul Mountjoy, Oct. 17, 2013