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They Thought Their Call Was More Important Than Your Life

People who send text messages while driving are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident, according to the Department of Transportation. A driver who uses a hand-held cellphone is four times more likely to be involved in a crash. Facts like these are not lost on jury members, who are increasingly holding distracted drivers accountable by awarding punitive damages to their victims.

At Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP, our attorneys represent victims of auto accidents in Harrisburg and other communities in central Pennsylvania. One of the things we do in auto accident cases is to obtain cellphone and text records of the other driver. If we can show that the other driver was texting or talking on a cellphone at the time of the accident, your case just became a lot stronger. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and answer your questions.

Pennsylvania Laws On Cellphone Use And Texting

A law banning text messaging while driving recently went into effect in Pennsylvania. While there is currently no statewide ban on cellphone use while driving, some Pennsylvania cities (including Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre and Erie) have banned cellphone use except when a hands-free attachment is used.

Even if another driver’s cellphone use is not illegal, it can still be powerful evidence in your case. Jurors do not like it when drivers talking on cellphones cause accidents that injure or kill innocent people. One tool that jurors have to deter this behavior is to award compensation to the victims.

Hold Them Accountable For Their Negligence

For dependable advice about your legal options after an accident, call our Pennsylvania texting-and-cellphone-use accident attorneys at 717-229-6580 for a free consultation.