Though the Sep. 29 incident wherein an SUV driver was attacked by a motorcyclist didn’t take place in Pennsylvania, the behavior of the motorcyclists involved is having an impact on motorcycling enthusiasts everywhere. The extreme nature and the footage available of the New York ride and attack could give the idea that all motorcyclists behave so recklessly.

Last month, national news outlets covered the tragic incidents of a motorcycle rider getting run over by an SUV and then the SUV driver being pulled out of his window by a rider who is charged with severely assaulting the man. Public sympathy has taken the side of the assaulted driver, who claims that he ran over a biker in an effort to get away from a gang of cyclists who were trying to take over the roads.

A member of a Pennsylvania motorcycling club sent a letter to Penn Live. He speaks for himself and on behalf of other riders who are outraged by the actions of the motorcyclists in last month’s incident of violence and reckless use of the roads. He reminds readers that not all riders are one and the same. Safe riding is just as important to them as any other driver.

Motorcyclists are people who choose to travel via motorcycle. That is what makes them different from other drivers. That doesn’t make them violent or careless people. Often, it is the riders who get hurt in motorcycle accidents, crashes that are caused by the recklessness of those behind the wheel of standard vehicles.

When a biker is hurt in a motorcycle accident, he has the same legal rights as any other crash victim. A personal injury lawyer can discuss one’s options to get the compensation that he or she deserves following an injury.

Source: Penn Live, “Don’t judge all motorcyclists by the ugly incident in New York City: PennLive letters,” Oct. 16, 2013