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October 2015 Archives

Construction site auto crash injuries at least 1 worker

Often the most dangerous aspects of a job are not the work itself but rather the environment in which the work takes place. The construction industry is one example of this. These workers must often do their jobs in relatively unsecured locations such as other people's property or along Pennsylvania's busy roadways.

How dangerous is popcorn lung disease?

It is hard to believe something as delicious as popcorn can pose hazards to a person's health, but sadly, it is true. Workers employed in industrial settings in which flavored microwave popcorn is manufactured can suffer from serious health conditions. These illnesses occur by inhaling the chemicals used to make these types of food products and is widely known as popcorn lung disease or illness.

Can I hold my naturopathic doctor accountable for malpractice?

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), which includes a wide variety of disciplines such as naturopathy, homeopathy, and osteopathy, is fairly well-established at this point in the United States. CAM has even earned some recognition from mainstream or “allopathic” medicine. According to the Mayo Clinic, almost 40 percent of adults report using some form of CAM.

Where safe driving habits really start for teens

For a teenager who is a newly minted driver, there is nothing like the newfound freedom that comes with being able to drive. Gone are the days of depending on mom or dad to get from Point A to Point B. This means that hanging out with friends at the mall or going to football games will be so much easier.

How drivers can protect themselves from deer accidents

In a number of our posts lately we have talked about fall hazards. The change in seasons should bring a change in driving habits, especially considering the challenges with weather and visibility. Indeed, fog, rain and occasional icy conditions can prove to be dangerous, but drivers must also look out for animals crossing the road; especially in rural areas.

Myths that some truckers may still believe

We all know that semi-trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles on the road. After all, the sheer size and weight of these trucks compared to passenger cars makes them hazardous to the health of drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. However, there are a number of truck drivers who may not realize how dangerous the vehicles they operate can be. They may be driven by myths about how semi-trucks are different and that the safety rules that apply to passenger cars may not necessarily apply to them.

What drivers should always do to avoid pedestrian accidents

While a number of our posts focus on how drivers must look out for large trucks that may do them harm, or be aware of other distracted or drunk drivers, they have a continuing obligation to look out for pedestrians. Unlike crashes with other vehicles, car-pedestrian crashes can be particularly devastating for the pedestrian.

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