How drivers can protect themselves from deer accidents

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Car Accidents |

In a number of our posts lately we have talked about fall hazards. The change in seasons should bring a change in driving habits, especially considering the challenges with weather and visibility. Indeed, fog, rain and occasional icy conditions can prove to be dangerous, but drivers must also look out for animals crossing the road; especially in rural areas.

Deer accidents, while rare, can be expensive. According to an American Family Insurance report, deer accidents have cost drivers more than $85 million in 2010. It remains to be seen what this season’s migration will result in, but it arguably will cost drivers a great deal of money in the meantime. So as fall continues on, what can drivers do to avoid such costly accidents? This post will highlight a few tips.

Pay attention to deer crossing signs – You may see these signs from time to time, but may not pay them any mind since you never have seen a deer cross where the sign is located. But you should take heed, since they are geared towards warning drivers about zones where deer may cross up ahead.

Don’t panic when you see deer – If you see a deer, braking firmly (instead of slamming on the brakes) is another way to avoid an accident. If you panic, you may miss the dear (which is a good thing) but you may end up running off the road.

Keep an eye out for other deer – If you see one deer crossing, chances are that others will follow.

If you have an accident with a deer, contact the authorities.