Often the most dangerous aspects of a job are not the work itself but rather the environment in which the work takes place. The construction industry is one example of this. These workers must often do their jobs in relatively unsecured locations such as other people’s property or along Pennsylvania’s busy roadways.

Unfortunately, roadway accidents involving construction workers or maintenance crews happen all too often in Pennsylvania. On Tuesday, October 27, Pennsylvania news sources reported a construction zone accident on the Northeast extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Reportedly, the accident occurred when a tractor trailer collided with two turnpike maintenance vehicles at around 11 a.m. in Lehigh County’s Lower Macungie Township.

The collision resulted in a fuel spill prompting authorities to close part of the highway for two hours. The report says that one of the workers suffered injuries but all four were taken to the hospital. Turnpike policy mandates that all workers involved in an accident must receive medical treatment. The report does not indicate the nature or the severity of the injuries received.

Working in the construction industry presents many hazards to Pennsylvania employees. Traffic accidents due to passersby or even co-workers add yet another layer of danger to an already hazardous industry. The law does its best to protect the state’s workforce and to provide financial and other benefits through workers’ compensation when an accident does occur.

If you have been injured in a construction job and believe you have not received the benefits you are due, discuss your case with an attorney. Construction accident lawyers are well-qualified to assist you with a personal injury lawsuit or with your workers’ compensation claim, depending upon your needs.

Source: 69 News, “Construction zone crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike sends 4 workers to hospital,” Amanda VanAllen, Oct. 27, 2015