Workplace accidents may happen suddenly, but they’re not always that surprising. Often, when looking at things retrospectively, it’s easy for people in Pennsylvania to see why the accidents happened. Looking at these things in advance helps employers and workers alike avoid accidents.

Poor Lighting

People who are forced to work in areas that do not have sufficient light are at a greater risk to trip and fall, which is one of the main ways workers are hurt. Simply installing more lights or upgrading old types of lighting with new fixtures can brighten up the space and make it easy for everyone to see what’s underfoot.

Good lighting is needed everywhere, but it’s most important on balconies and stairways.

Lack of Cleaning

A lot of accidents happen when people just don’t clean up right away. For example, an employee could be working in a car repair shop, and he or she may spill a pan full of used oil. In a hurry to get the job done, the employee could leave it there, and someone else could slip and fall. Just taking a minute to clean up often helps a lot.

Too Many Floor Surfaces

Every time someone goes from one type of flooring to the next, there’s the chance of a slip and fall accident. This is especially true when the types are not perfectly the same height, so there is a small lip or ridge between them.

Those who have been hurt on the job, even when the incident traces back to something as simple as the common issues listed above, may have a right to financial compensation.

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