While a number of our posts focus on how drivers must look out for large trucks that may do them harm, or be aware of other distracted or drunk drivers, they have a continuing obligation to look out for pedestrians. Unlike crashes with other vehicles, car-pedestrian crashes can be particularly devastating for the pedestrian.

As such, our latest post will highlight cover a few things drivers must be aware of that coincide with their duty to use reasonable care.

Yield the right of way to pedestrians – As a matter of law, drivers have an obligation to slow down and stop to let pedestrians cross. As we alluded to earlier, pedestrians do not have the protections of a metal cage surrounding them. Since car drivers do, it is best for passengers to be given the right of way.

Put down your cell phone – Since distracted driving is still a problem, drivers must be vigilant about avoiding them. After all, if a pedestrian is also paying attention to their phone (instead of the road), the result could be disastrous.

Don’t drink and drive – It may be obvious that you shouldn’t drink and drive, but a number of drivers believe that they are okay to drive while they are actually impaired. Because a driver’s judgment and reflexes can be compromised by alcohol, pedestrians (like other drivers) are at risk.

Mind speed limits – Excessive speed can contribute to a car-pedestrian accident. Drivers who exceed the speed limit run the risk of not having enough time to stop when trying to avoid a pedestrian.