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December 2014 Archives

Asbestos-related disease statistics

Although many people in Pennsylvania may have heard of asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma, they may be unaware of the extent of the problem asbestos poses worldwide. A commonly-used material, the substance is carcinogenic to humans and causes the deaths of 107,000 people worldwide from its effects every year.

Federal hours of service limits could be amended

Federal hours of service regulations are important because they are designed to save lives. A number of high profile trucking accidents across the country have been a result of fatigued driving. An example of which was the accident last summer involving comedian Tracy Morgan, whose limousine bus was struck from behind by a Wal-Mart truck. It was alleged that the driver had been awake for more than 24 hours before the crash.

What defendants may argue in medical malpractice cases

Medical malpractice cases are not easy cases to bring. In addition to the complexity and costs that come with seeking malpractice damages, there may be some elements to the case that do not favor the client. These include the lack of money a law firm may have to bring the case, the length of time it takes before a matter is heard at trial, and the continuing pain and loss of quality of life the patient must suffer through.

Common causes of workplace injury

Pennsylvania workplaces are fraught with the potential for serious injury, with specific causes more common in certain industries. Two of the leading causes of injury in almost every profession are stress and fatigue. Tired or stressed workers are more prone to suffering from impaired judgement and thus making mistakes that could result in serious injury.

Avoiding truck accidents during the holidays

Next week, the holiday driving season will likely reach its apex. The Christmas holiday will possibly bring tens of thousands of drivers to highways across Pennsylvania as people travel to spend time with family. Besides the elements, distracted drivers and drunk drivers, those who take to the road will also have to deal with the many trucks that are on the road.

Pennsylvania construction worker killed in highway crash

A construction worker died in a Dec. 3 crash on Route 422 in Chester County. According to police, an SUV struck the 60-year-old worker while he was putting up traffic cones in connection with a planned highway improvement project. The worker died at the scene of the accident, officials said.

Why can car accident damages be so large?

Sometimes people wonder what is behind the headline grabbing judgments lodged against insurance companies that cover trucking companies and Fortune 500 companies that injure consumers. Some may think that people who are entitled to these large judgments have just won the lottery, and that any run of the mill slip and fall may result in a hefty cash award.

How to deal with the perils of holiday shopping, Part II

Tis the season to go holiday shopping! In our last post, we touched upon the dangers that consumers could face in shopping mall parking lots. Essentially, the growing numbers of shoppers combined with escalating tempers could make parking lots more dangerous than usual. However, the dangers do not end at the parking lot.

Reducing risks when operating heavy machinery

Most Pennsylvania construction workers know that working around and operating heavy machinery is inherently dangerous. With more than 150,000 reported injuries and 800 deaths nationwide in 2013 alone, it is important that both employers and employees take safety precautions seriously.

How to deal with the perils of holiday shopping

If you survived the perils of Black Friday shopping, congratulations to you. Chances are that you made out well and will not have to brave the crowds and mall traffic until after Christmas. However, if your shopping is not complete, you should take heed when you go through parking lots.

Preventing falls at the workplace

Pennsylvania workers may benefit from learning more about how to prevent falls, as described by material published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. According to OSHA, employees should be wearing the appropriate protection when working at least four above ground in general industry or at least six feet high in the construction industry. Some of the risks that exist at the workplace include holes in floors, unprotected wall openings and falling objects.

Despite the dangers, more people use cell phones while driving

Distracted driving has long since become a national safety issue. 44 states have passed laws prohibiting various forms of cell phone use while behind the wheel; particularly texting while driving. However, a recent report from State Farm Insurance indicates that people are still using their phones while behind the wheel, despite the known dangers and risk for being cited.

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