With the Christmas holiday coming in a few days, it is expected that thousands of people will take to highways across Pennsylvania to travel to see loved ones. It is also estimated that a greater number of people will travel by car to get to their destination.

The higher volume of traffic on the roads is a common danger that drivers will have to deal with. After all, there will likely be drivers distracted by cell phones and social media, drunk drivers who believe that they have not had too much to drink, as well as impatient drivers who feel compelled to get to their destination as soon as possible.

To add an additional hazard, the forecast for Wednesday, which happens to be Christmas Eve, is not promising. With that, we offer some helpful tips for safe travel. 

Take your time – As we mentioned earlier, road conditions are not expected to be great. So whether it is due to ice, snow or rain, it is important to slow down as driving conditions deteriorate. Reducing one’s speed can help in reducing the possibility of getting into an accident.

Stay off the phone – A new coating of snow may make for picturesque surroundings. However, taking pictures while you are behind the wheel can be a recipe for disaster.  With that, leave the picture taking to a passenger in your car.

Keep your cool – When traffic backs up due to weather conditions, it is not uncommon for tensions to rise. Resist the temptation to cut people off or use emergency lanes to get through traffic.