The holiday season is a time for family and good cheer. The atmosphere is punctuated with parties, holiday songs as well as light displays on nearly every home. However, as personal injury attorneys, we are unfortunately familiar with the down side of the holiday season, as consumers can be injured by a number of products. Every year the Consumer Product Safety Commission issues a report that can be used by conscientious parents so that they may avoid toys that have been recalled.

Nevertheless, there are several products that may not end up of CPSC publications, but you should be wary of them because of the harm they can cause. This post will highlight them. 

Chocolates – It is common for people to make fudge and other chocolaty confections during the holidays. You may feel like chocolate is perfectly safe (except to your waistline) but consider that it has toxins that are harmful to dogs. Because of this keep chocolates away from dogs.

Fires – Some holiday decorations are fraught with danger, especially the prospect of fires. Indeed, many lighting systems are designed not to burn hot so that a Christmas tree will not go up in flames, but the combination of electrical plugs (especially near a Christmas tree) and a dry tree could be disastrous. So make sure your tree has plenty of water.

Ladders – What’s a house without holiday lights? What makes a Christmas tree dynamic, can also apply to a home’s exterior. However, consumers should use reasonable care when climbing on ladders to put up Christmas lights. Essentially, don’t climb up the ladder with lights in your arm, and don’t over extend while trying to get lights to a particular spot.