Next week, the holiday driving season will likely reach its apex. The Christmas holiday will possibly bring tens of thousands of drivers to highways across Pennsylvania as people travel to spend time with family. Besides the elements, distracted drivers and drunk drivers, those who take to the road will also have to deal with the many trucks that are on the road.

The holiday season means that retailers will have to keep shelves stocked. After all, the holiday buying season continues after Christmas. With that, it is essential that drivers stay vigilant while driving amongst these large vehicles. This post will offer some helpful tips.

Don’t drive between trucks – Indeed, it may feel claustrophobic to drive with semi-trucks on either side of you, but it also has the potential to be disastrous. Because of this, avoid driving between trucks.

Avoid sudden lane changes – Because of their sheer size, semi-trucks may need additional space to stop. So sudden lane changes where you abruptly pull in front of truck should be avoided at all costs.

Stay out of blind spots – With large trailers on them, semi-trucks also have large blind spots where they cannot see traffic. If you happen to be in those spots, you are invisible to the driver and therefore are at risk of being hit.

Slow down – When driving conditions deteriorate, reducing one’s speed is likely the easiest way to avoid accidents with trucks. Essentially, you are less likely to lose control of your vehicle, which means that a semi-truck may be less likely to crash into you.