Sometimes people wonder what is behind the headline grabbing judgments lodged against insurance companies that cover trucking companies and Fortune 500 companies that injure consumers. Some may think that people who are entitled to these large judgments have just won the lottery, and that any run of the mill slip and fall may result in a hefty cash award.

However, this notion may ignore the care required for long-term injuries suffered in an accident. For those who suffer brain  or spine injuries that require lifelong care, there are annual costs that must be paid in order to maintain a standard of health. A recent example is how Tracy Morgan struggles to recover from the injuries suffered when a semi truck owned by Wal-Mart crashed into the back of the van limousine Morgan and his entourage was riding in.

According to several media reports, Morgan suffered a number of severe injuries, including broken ribs, a broken leg and a broken nose. But recent stories suggest that he is not recovering as quickly as he had anticipated. He was recently seen walking gingerly with a walker to a New Jersey post office. Additionally, Chris Rock recently explained on the Howard Stern Show that Morgan may not fully recover.

Given the nature of these injuries, and Morgan’s previous work history, it is not surprising that the potential damages would be in the tens of millions.

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