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March 2015 Archives

Amusement park worker hit by roller coaster

A worker at an amusement park in Pennsylvania was injured after being hit by a roller coaster on March 26. The worker was injured while a new roller coaster at Knoebels Amusement Resort was being tested. The man suffered from a broken hand and a laceration on his head when he was struck by a passing car on the ride.

Cross country trip the latest test for self-driving SUV

Automakers know that in order to keep up with customer demand, they must continually make innovations. This is why you see changes with how a car looks each year. Engines and interiors change from year to year, and the technology changes as well. So it is no secret that in 2015, interactive media modules allow drivers to use their cell phones in their cars and self-parking modules help drivers parallel park.

Fast food workers challenge workplace safety

As some Pennsylvania workers may know, fast food workers face challenges from burn injuries. Multiple complaints have been filed with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The workers contend that workplace safety is compromised due to working conditions.

What your attorney will want to know after an accident

Being in a truck accident is undoubtedly a traumatic event. You certainly don’t want to have to relive it, but in the event that you have to bring a legal accident to assert your rights, you will have to procure some important (and emotional) painful information to help your case. Also, in order to handle your case, your attorney will need this information as well.

Many eligible workers fail to file for workers' compensation

Pennsylvania workers may be interested to learn that on March 4, the Labor Department released a report charging that the workers' compensation system is inadequate and is a contributing factor in the growing gap between the rich and poor. According to the report, an on-the-job injury affected workers' earnings for years, and over a 10-year period, a worker would earn 15 percent less. This amounts to an average of $31,000.

Do you have to buy insurance from a rental car agency?

If you are planning for a spring break getaway, chances are you thinking of renting a car when you reach your destination. As part of the process, you are likely going to be offered insurance to protect yourself, your family and belongings as well as the car. They will quote "friendly" costs that ostensibly will give you peace of mind while you're on vacation.

Can a pothole lead to injuries?

Believe it or not, the snow is gradually melting in our region. It is a telltale sign of spring, which means that Punxsatawney Phil actually knew something that we didn’t know. So with the longer days and warmer weather, our roads should be in better shape, right? After all, we have dedicated quite a few of our posts to avoiding black ice.

Dangers of silica exposure in Pennsylvania workplaces

Natural stone countertops are extremely popular, resulting in the employment of many in the associated manufacturing, finishing and installation industries. Workers whose regular employment involves working with natural stone have a heightened risk of developing serious health problems through exposure to silica. They should thus take preventative measures in order to reduce the risks.

Parents of teen deemed brain dead after surgery sue hospital

Having a child injured during what is supposed to be a low risk surgery is a parent’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately the nightmare became true for the parents of a California teen who was undergoing surgery for sleep apnea. The child experienced complications during surgery where her heart apparently stopped beating. This likely caused a shortage of oxygen to her brain.

Can a surgical mask protect patients from disease

One of the most common things in a hospital setting has to be the surgical mask. They may be almost as universal as standard hospital scrubs. Masks are used to protect against the transmission of harmful germs that can contribute to disease. During the height of flu season and during high-profile outbreaks, they can also be seen in public.

Dangerous railroad crossings may be too expensive to replace

Car accidents involving moving trains are certainly tragic, but they are unfortunately preventable incidents. It is especially concerning given the number of railroad crossings in Pennsylvania without protective gates. Also troubling are crossings where a car may inadvertently become trapped on the tracks. Such was likely the case in a recent accident in Oxnard, California, which resulted in more than two dozen people being injured. This crash was yet another reminder that the thousands of railroad crossings that are unsafe must be replaced. 

The safety risks in using nail guns on a construction job

Pennsylvania construction firms typically carry workers' compensation insurance to address on-the-job injuries such as those involving nail guns. Although these tools provide important benefits by allowing for greater construction productivity, their heavy use often results in accidents. Proper safety measures may minimize the risks, but it is also important to understand some of the most common situations that lead to nail gun injuries.

Nurse who contracted Ebola to sue hospital that employed her

It may seem that the Ebola outbreak was so long ago that people may not remember how pervasive the fear over the disease was. It may also be lost on people how many physicians and nurses were infected with it (or suspected to be infected) and how much controversy the event caused. Regardless, it was only a matter of time before lawsuits were filed by those unwittingly infected.

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