Being in a truck accident is undoubtedly a traumatic event. You certainly don’t want to have to relive it, but in the event that you have to bring a legal accident to assert your rights, you will have to procure some important (and emotional) painful information to help your case. Also, in order to handle your case, your attorney will need this information as well.

With that said, this post will highlight some things that your attorney will need to proceed with your case. 

Information about the trucking company – It is crucial to know the trucking company that was involved in the crash, including whether the driver was an employee or an independent contractor. If you don’t know these things, that’s okay. The attorney you choose can conduct research to answer these questions.

Was there any video of the crash? – While there may be eyewitnesses to the accident, having video footage is very compelling. With that said, if you have pictures or video of the accident, whether it is by cell phone, police car dashcam, surveillance feed, or news media, this is helpful.

Your medical condition after the accident – Your attorney will also want to know the extent of your injuries and what your prognosis is for recovery. If you don’t have this information, that is okay. Your attorney will have you sign releases to obtain this information.

What happened to your car? – Additionally, your lawyer will want pictures and information on the state of your car. The extent of the damage to your car will be important in figuring out what your monetary damages will be.