If you are planning for a spring break getaway, chances are you thinking of renting a car when you reach your destination. As part of the process, you are likely going to be offered insurance to protect yourself, your family and belongings as well as the car. They will quote “friendly” costs that ostensibly will give you peace of mind while you’re on vacation.

But the question remains: do you take the insurance?

Of course, the answer depends on your situation. If you currently have car insurance on your own vehicle, homeowner’s insurance and health care coverage, chances are that you don’t need to buy the additional insurance. Also, if the rental is for personal use, as opposed to business use, it is likely that your personal coverage will follow you.

One reason is that the insurance you have for your personal vehicles exceeds the minimum amounts for collision or personal liability; which is what is sold by the rental companies. Also, your homeowner’s coverage could costs and damages to another person injured in a crash. If you have medical costs as a result of an accident, this is where your own health care insurance could kick in. With these types of coverages already in effect, it may not make sense to pay for duplicative coverage.

To be certain of the extent of your coverage, it is helpful to review what you have before taking your trip. As always, the preceding is not legal advice. If you have questions about your situation, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.