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January 2015 Archives

Modifications to machinery reduces risk for employee injuries

Pennsylvania employees who work with stone-cutting machines or rock cutters may know that the machines can potentially be dangerous or hazardous if used carelessly or incorrectly. What they may not know is that many of the machines available on the market pose serious amputation risks for the employee.

Different brain injuries should be treated differently

Injuries in car accidents can have life-altering consequences. The same can be said with falls and sports injuries. This is especially apparent when it comes to head injuries, and we have written several posts on how people with head injuries could have tough roads to recovery. However, just like not every injured person is the same, neither is every head injury.

Safe driver discounts could be realized through OnStar program

Consumers are always looking for ways to save on auto insurance costs. Even if they are not actively searching, providers are apt to show you ways to save, if it can give them a leg up in the marketplace. Forget the commercials about “discount double check” or “accident forgiveness,” what if you were able to save on insurance based on your actual driving habits instead of a certain calculations based on the probability of an accident.

Black ice responsible for accidents in the Northeast

While weather is expected to get better across Pennsylvania in the coming days, the flash freeze that gripped the region over the weekend is being blamed for hundreds of accidents. Essentially, black ice is the culprit, the thin sheets of ice that can form over roads once moisture on them freezes as temperatures drop. It is also called black ice because it is virtually invisible to drivers until it is too late.

Roadway construction site accidents

Those who work on roadway construction sites face dangers from moving passenger vehicles, but many accidents are caused by construction vehicles and equipment. Pennsylvania is one of the states with the most worker deaths in these types of situations, and creating and enforcing procedures for construction sites could help prevent the common causes of fatalities and injuries.

Could more auto recalls be seen this year?

If you thought last year could have been dubbed “the year of the recall,” you certainly had enough information to support that argument. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, automakers recalled nearly 60 million vehicles in 2014 behind a number of ailments. They included General Motors’ ignition defect problem, which could disable a car while running; and the Takata airbag scandal, in which airbags that were supposed to save a driver’s life could essentially be an explosive device that could severely injure a driver. 

Latest CES brings us closer to self-driving vehicles

With the conclusion of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, automakers should have consumers really excited about what is about to come in terms of self-driving vehicles. Based on the showings from Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW, the debut of autonomous vehicles may be sooner than we think.

Bucks County silo collapse turned into recovery effort

Authorities on the scene of a Bucks County silo collapse reported that their initial search and rescue effort turned into a recovery effort. After six hours of searching for a worker trapped by the falling debris, authorities indicated the man was then presumed dead.

Could more people be at risk to truck accidents?

Drivers in Pennsylvania may be wondering what is worse; the weather or other drivers. After all, snow and ice can send drivers into ditches or into other unsuspecting drivers. However, when it comes to semi-trucks on the road, a completely different danger may arise. As we have mentioned in previous posts, trucks driving through snowy conditions can propel ice missiles at drivers, and the relaxation of hours of service regulations could lead to sleepy drivers on the road as well.

The case for including motorcycles in V2V communication systems

Automakers have made tremendous strides over the last decade when it comes to safety technology. Indeed, more vehicles than ever now have previously unheard of safety features, including lane departure warning systems, blind spot monitors and even automated braking assist.

When can an ice missile be hazardous to your health

In prior posts, we have written about the dangers that come with winter driving. Essentially, we have given tips about how to navigate icy roads and when you should stay off the roads altogether. However, with the number of trucks that come through our region, it is about time that we talk about ice missiles.

Injuries that commonly occur in car crashes

We hope our readers had a great New Year's celebration and we wish them a happy and prosperous 2015. If only we had better weather to welcome in the New Year. Indeed, snow and ice is expected in January, as it is a winter month. Nevertheless, it may still be difficult to get around.

Worker injury and illness rates on the decline

Pennsylvania residents might be interested to learn about some of the key findings from a survey that was conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The federal agency recently announced that there were over three million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2013, according to statistics that it had compiled. The data was gathered from private industry employers and concerned serious injuries and illnesses that were reported by full-time workers.

Countering amputation risks in the workplace

Pennsylvania workers know far too well that serious injuries may happen on the job. When faulty equipment or lack of safety precautions is involved, repeat accidents may be the focus of an Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation. This is the case with a chimney supply company in Scranton.

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