We hope our readers had a great New Year’s celebration and we wish them a happy and prosperous 2015. If only we had better weather to welcome in the New Year. Indeed, snow and ice is expected in January, as it is a winter month. Nevertheless, it may still be difficult to get around.

When driving conditions deteriorate, the chances of auto accidents occurring can increase. After all, ice is unforgiving, and it does not matter whether you are driving an SUV with four wheel drive or a luxury vehicle with the latest crash avoidance technology. Unfortunately, when accidents occur, people get injured.  This post will highlight some of the common injuries suffered in car accidents. 

Neck injuries – The action of one’s neck suddenly and violently jerking forward, then back can create significant trauma. The muscles in the neck can be strained; causing significant amounts of pain after the accident.

Head injuries – An accident can also send a driver’s head into a dashboard, a steering wheel or even the side of a window. Indeed, many vehicles are equipped with airbags that may soften the impact of a crash, but concussions are still common injuries that are suffered.

Leg injuries – It is also common for drivers and passengers to suffer lower leg and hip injuries in a crash. Depending on the nature of the impact, passengers in the back seat of a vehicle could be pressed into the back of the front seat. This could result in knee and lower leg trauma. Drivers and passengers hit from the side could also suffer hip injuries.