Consumers are always looking for ways to save on auto insurance costs. Even if they are not actively searching, providers are apt to show you ways to save, if it can give them a leg up in the marketplace. Forget the commercials about “discount double check” or “accident forgiveness,” what if you were able to save on insurance based on your actual driving habits instead of a certain calculations based on the probability of an accident.

OnStar, the satellite directional and services provider, is offering a program where they will be provided with a detailed analysis of their driving over a three month period, which could lead to a good driver discount from Progressive Insurance. 

OnStar is known for giving drivers the opportunity to call for emergency services directly from their vehicles, and can even locate vehicles that are stolen. Essentially, the same technology will be used to monitor driving habits that will be used to measure the chances a person will be in an accident.

If this sounds like one of Progressive’s other ventures into driver monitoring, you would be right. However, the thought is that OnStar’s technology will provide a more accurate and detailed analysis of driver behavior. This may also be a way (eventually) to monitor larger groups of drivers to obtain real life information about how people actually drive. Would it potentially be used to evaluate fault in the future? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, drivers should aspire to use reasonable care while behind the wheel, regardless of whether they are being monitored for their driving habits.