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May 2014 Archives

What holiday is the most dangerous for people who are traveling?

It should come as no surprise that many deadly accidents take place during holiday times in the United States. There are several reasons that this would be so. For one, many people have the day off of work for federal holidays such as Independence Day, so people who might not otherwise be driving are on the roads. Second, people are apt to travel on holidays to visit with friends or family, so there are lots of people on the road for that reason -- many of whom are eager to get to where they are going quickly.

Lack of safety precautions leads to worker's death

Pennsylvania workers know that following safety precautions in the workplace is essential. A 28-year-old man in a Massachusetts facility was never trained in procedures that might have saved his life. The company had been cited by federal safety inspectors for not following safety protocol. The young man died while trying to clean a hummus mixing machine when he became entangled in blades that crushed his head and arms.

Could medical errors one day be a thing of the past?

In many cases, diagnosing the correct illness of people in Pennsylvania can be tricky for doctors. This is, of course, a critical task; a delay in diagnosis, or an incorrect one altogether, could be a critical or fatal medical error. Depending on the illness, timing can be crucial. The sooner a correct diagnosis can be made, the better.

Harrisburg Social Security judge grants biggest awards in US

There can be a lot of uncertainty for disabled Pennsylvania residents when they are considering filing for Social Security disability insurance benefits. The paperwork can be daunting, and the documentation that must be produced might seem like a barrier to many residents. And if applicants should be denied Social Security benefits, some folks might be inclined to give up on the process, even if they have a real need for the financial assistance that SSDI benefits can provide.

Prom season brings reminders for kids to make good choices

The memory of prom night likely conjures up all kinds of memories for Pennsylvanians -- some of them funny, some of them cringe-worthy, and others happy. Unfortunately, for many people in Pennsylvania, the thought of prom night reminds them of a loved one whose life was lost in a car accident due to the bad choices made by a driver who had been drinking.

Pennsylvania railroad worker files claim against employer

The Federal Employers' Liability Act, passed in 1908 by the U.S. Congress, exists to protect and assist railroad workers who are injured on the job. A resident of Levittown has filed suit in connection with his workplace injury, claiming that his company failed to provide a safe workplace. The man says that if his managers had followed proper protocols for workplace safety, his accident would have been prevented.

U.S. misdiagnosis rate will almost certainly shock you

Researchers have determined just how many Americans are misdiagnosed in outpatient settings on an annual basis and their conclusions will almost certainly shock you. In addition to individuals who are affected by diagnosis errors while hospitalized, approximately 12 million adults are misdiagnosed in outpatient settings every year. Put another way, one out of every 20 Americans is misdiagnosed in outpatient settings alone annually.

Pennsylvania man killed in construction site accident

A 32-year-old Pennsylvania man died while working on a sewer installation project on May 6. The construction accident occurred in Somerset County southeast of Pittsburgh. The construction work was part of a project to provide the small town of Ursina with its first sewer system.

3 killed when tractor-trailer smashes into car on freeway

It's often easy to forget just how dangerous our roads and highways can be. When everything goes as it's supposed to, traffic moves smoothly and everyone reaches their destinations safely. However, one small error on the part of a driver can lead to a fatal crash, forever changing the lives of the people involved and their families.

Pennsylvania man killed when he hits turning pickup truck

Almost all of us in Pennsylvania have heard the refrain -- and seen the bumper stickers -- urging drivers to start seeing motorcycles. Unfortunately, it is still often the case that this is easier said than done. This point is underscored when motorcycle accidents -- many of which are preventable -- take place on Pennsylvania roads.

Man falls 38 feet to his death after 2 motor vehicles collide

It would be fair to say that a person walking down the street on a weekday morning is not expecting his life to change in a flash. But that's just what happened for one University of Pennsylvania graduate student who was walking down Philadelphia's Walnut Street earlier this week.

OSHA fines oil company in connection with refinery explosion

Pennsylvania workers may be interested in recent news regarding a 2013 explosion at a Mississippi refinery that left one worker dead. On April 24, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration released its findings to a month-long investigation into the explosion and fire at Chevron's Pascagoula refinery on November 15.

Thousands of licenses not suspended because of oversight in court

One of the functions of government is to do its best to keep residents safe. When it comes to driving, this not only means making sure that the roads are in good physical condition, but also regulating the rules of the road. This comes down not only to what people can and cannot do behind the wheel, but also who is entitled to driving privileges in the first place.

Pennsylvania workers face significant risk of falling off ladders

According to a recent study, workers using ladders in Pennsylvania and other parts of the country face a significant risk of falling. Approximately 20 percent of all fall injuries in the U.S. can be attributed to falls from ladders. That number has grown to 81 percent of all fall injuries treated in emergency rooms. In addition, falls from ladders account for 43 percent of the fatal falls occurring in the last decade.

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