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February 2016 Archives

Car accident liability and the PA turnpike blizzard debacle

In our last post, we began speaking about the potential impact of inclement weather on determinations of negligence in car accident litigation. As we noted, a finding of liability for a party who causes a gets involved in an accident in inclement weather, but the extent of that person's liability can certainly be modified both by the weather and the negligence of other drivers.

Car accident liability and inclement weather

Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is something most of us do every day, so we tend to see it as a rather routine matter. In reality, there are a lot of risks we face every day when enter onto the roadway. These risks include things like distracted and drunk drivers, road rage, driver fatigue, and plain old careless driving.

Dealing with insurance bad faith after an accident, P.2

Last time, we looked briefly at the case of hedge fund manager and drug CEO Martin Shkreli, who has been charged with securities and wire fraud. As we mentioned, Shkreli has become something of an object of hate because of his decision to engage in price-gouging with long established prescription medications and his defiant attitude even before Congress.   

Dealing with insurance bad faith after an accident

While auto insurance is an important resource for accident victims in terms of recovery, things don’t always go smoothly in filing a claim and receiving benefits under one’s policy. This is why, in addition to exploring potential personal injury issues following an accident, crash victims may also need to explore the possibility of litigation against their insurance carrier.

Electronic recording devices and their use in personal injury litigation

In our last post, we spoke a bit about the possibility of using fitness and health tracking devices in personal injury litigation. The details of how this technology might be used were not addressed in any depth, but general possibilities have been suggested.

How consumer technology can impact personal injury litigation

The development of the legal system is affected by many factors, including developments in technology and consumer trends. In criminal law, for instance, developments in the area of privacy have been affected by new technology police use to monitor public safety. Estate planning practice has been impacted by the growth in digital assets and online accounts. Facebook has increasingly come to be used in divorce cases for various purposes.

A brief look at how the Social Security Administration review claims, P.2

In our last post, we began speaking about the decision-making process utilized by the Social Security Administration when reviewing applications for disability benefits. As we noted, the first two considerations are whether the applicant is currently working, and whether his or her condition is severe enough that it interferes with basic work-related activities.

The types of injuries to which workers' comp applies

Workers need to know what types of injuries may be covered by workers' compensation so that they know when to seek this compensation and what they may be responsible for on their own. Generally speaking, workers' comp may cover the following:

A brief look at how the Social Security Administration review claims, P.1

Social Security disability benefits are an important financial resource for those who are able to qualify for them, but being approved for benefits is not an easy matter.  Those who get in a bad enough spot to consider applying for Social Security disability benefits may expect a positive decision in their case, the reality is that most people who apply are not approved for benefits, even after pursuing the appeals process.

Congressionally-mandated study of truck safety rule is currently under review

Trucking safety is an important factor in highway safety, and fatigued driving is among the most talked-about issue when it comes to the trucking industry. Last month, we wrote a pair of posts on the federal hours-of-service rules, which are aimed at preventing fatigued driving among truckers.

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