A heating and cooling worker who was injured on the job started a lawsuit due to his injuries, but his lawyer has now decided to withdraw from the case.

The lawsuit is aimed at a number of different companies and individuals. The companies involved include Kieran Cole Construction, Inc., Concept Development Group, N.J., J. Tull Mechanical, AAA Brothers and Metro Impact.

The incident in question happened back on Feb. 12, 2013. The worker was an employee for J. Tull Mechanical, working in his capacity as an HVAC technician. He was moving materials in a building, on the first floor, and there was allegedly a hole in the floor that led down to the basement. It was not blocked off to protect the worker, and he fell through it and into the building’s basement. The injuries that he suffered were said to be catastrophic.

According to the reports, those injuries included a traumatic brain injury, a half a dozen broken ribs–all on the left side of his body–and an open fracture of his clavicle bone, also on the left side. Additionally, he says that he had a facial fracture, a blowout fracture to his orbital bone on the left side and both subdural and subarachnoid hematomas.

All told, he claims that the medical bills cost him over $200,000.

His lawyer has cited financial reasons for wanting to withdraw from the case.

This incident certainly shows just how costly injuries on the job can be, no matter what industry a worker is employed in. As such, it’s important for all workers in Pennsylvania to know what rights they have to compensation.

Source: Penn Record, “Financial reasons spur lawyer’s withdrawal from HVAC worker’s injury suit,” Nicholas Malfitano, Feb. 01, 2016