When a deadly accident happens on a construction site in Pennsylvania, three general groups of people are typically going to contact the employer. Experts often refer to these groups as three audiences.

The Government

First off, the government may carry out an investigation into the accident to see if the cause can be determined. This could be done by OSHA and related bodies. One main goal of the investigation is to uncover the facts and find out if the accident was avoidable or not.

The Media

Most accidents make it into the press in one form or another, and big enough accidents–such as those that involve multiple workers–could be considered breaking, front-page news. The media will conduct interviews and attempt to get personal accounts.

The Family

Finally, the family of the person who was killed will communicate with the company. Friends and co-workers can sometimes be put into this general group, as well. Some family members will be looking for answers, for example, and co-workers may be providing accounts of what they saw.

For the family members, it’s important to know how these groups interact when looking into potential compensation rights. What does the government investigation turn up regarding the cause of the accident and the potential role of negligence on the part of the company? What accounts are reported in the media that could be used as eyewitness testimony if the case goes to court? What official statements has the company made to the family?

All of these are good questions to ask, and they can help drive the compensation case forward and show the court what the outcome of that case should be.

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