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June 2013 Archives

What distracted teen to result in fatal Pennsylvania car crash?

Distraction is everywhere. Some distraction is avoidable; some isn't. When a teen argues that he got distracted behind the wheel when a bird crossed his path, he is addressing a distraction that could happen to anyone.

Miners Injured in Pennsylvanian Mine Collapse

A mine collapse in Western Pennsylvania on June 24 has reportedly left two miners injured. The mine collapse and workplace accident was reported by authorities to be a partial ceiling collapse that took place in a coal mine that was located approximately 40 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

More women living with Alzheimer's, supported by husbands

Generally when people get married and say "Until death do us part," they assume that there will be a level of taking care of one another in their older ages. Everyone hopes that life will be made up of more of the "better" rather than the "worse," but hardships come along, often in the form of illness. 

If distracted walking is a risk, distracted driving is too

Most people have heard of distracted driving. States have their own distracted driving laws. Pennsylvania, for example, bans texting and driving for all drivers. It is a primary offense that can get someone a ticket, but most importantly, can get someone injured or even killed.

Lawsuit gaining momentum following building collapse

A lawsuit filed against a Philadelphia contractor involved in a recent building collapse has been picking up steam as the rescue operation slows down. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Salvation Army worker who was buried under rubble when a building wall being torn down next door collapsed and crashed down onto the thrift store. Since the suit was filed, another plaintiff, a thrift store customer, has joined the suit. In total, six people died and 13 were injured in the workplace accident.

Patient's good news is bad news for doctor who misdiagnosed him

Finding out that one's has longer to live than he thought is good news, right? Right. But that revelation is tainted by the emotional stress that the person went through when he believed that he was going to die of a serious illness. A man who went through this dramatic life situation sued the doctor who prematurely -- and inaccurately -- told him that he had mere months to live. 

Building collapse fatal for 2 Salvation Army employees

The collapse of a building onto a Pennsylvania Salvation Army thrift store on June 5 has led to the death of two Salvation Army employees. A neighboring four-floor Philadelphia building on Market Street was scheduled for demolition, but a construction accident caused it to collapse sideways and trap workers and others inside of the thrift shop next door when something went wrong. The employees killed in the building collapse were a 68-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman who had just begun working at the store. Four others also died in the collapse.

Study shows that distracted driving solutions may be ineffective

Over the years, efforts to educate people on the dangers of driving while distracted have increased significantly. This means that by now, drivers all across Pennsylvania should be aware of just how dangerous it can be to take their eyes and focus off the road. Drivers who are paying more attention to sending a text, reading an email or updating Facebook than the road can end up causing a serious or even fatal car accident.

Law would push more learning riders to get fully licensed to ride

The desire to learn is generally celebrated, right? Yes, unless lawmakers believe that learning might be creating an unsafe environment on their roads. This might be the case in regards to motorcycle riders with learner's permits in Pennsylvania. 

Increase in production could put workers at risk of carpal tunnel

Chicken is the protein of choice for many. It is an easy favorite for kids and a favorite among families because of its relatively low cost. The availability and low price of chicken comes at a different type of cost, however. The U.S. workers in poultry factories work hard to get the meat processed that so many of us purchase. And, according to a recent study, many of those workers are suffering from work-related injuries.

Pennsylvania excavating company cited by OSHA

A Pennsylvania excavating company has been cited by OSHA with 12 safety violations after two inspections were conducted following the discovery of unsupervised trenches. The violations involved trenching hazards that have the potential to cause serious workplace accidents.

Crash involving infant victim proves other kind of impairment

A family was out walking a couple of years ago when their lives changed. Though the incident could have been more severe, the threat to the life of a newborn baby isn't one to take lightly, even if the baby survived the Pennsylvania DUI accident. 

Does rise in fatal motorcycle crashes support helmet law revival?

Pennsylvania residents have lived with the freedom of getting to ride a motorcycle helmet-free for about a decade. Could state riders be in for a change now that media reports are buzzing about the controversial topic of helmet laws again?

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