A mine collapse in Western Pennsylvania on June 24 has reportedly left two miners injured. The mine collapse and workplace accident was reported by authorities to be a partial ceiling collapse that took place in a coal mine that was located approximately 40 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

The collapse was said to occur by when a section of rock material collapsed from the ceiling of the mine. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection reported that this rock struck the two miners leaving them both injured. The injuries were said to be not life threatening. It was further reported that no one else was injured during the collapse.

One of the miners was said by the Bureau of Mine Safety to possibly have a knee injury. The bureau stated that both miners were taken in for treatment at a hospital. It took about an hour for a rescue team to recover the two miners from the location. The collapse is being investigated by both state and federal mine officials.

The mine collapse in Pennsylvania is an example of a workplace accident and workplace injury. The miners may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim regarding their injuries. If the injury was due to negligence or safety hazards at the mine location, the miners may also be able to pursue an additional claim and damages. The two miners may want to consult a lawyer well-versed in workers’ compensation cases regarding their claim to ensure that they are compensated for their medical bills, lost wages and any associated costs and suffering. There will likely be an investigation to determine whether the mine had any existing safety issues and whether it has been cited for safety concerns before.

Source: WTRF, “2 injured in W. Pa. mine collapse”, June 24, 2013