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March 2013 Archives

Are shorter hospital shifts safer shifts? Part 1

If you had more hours outside of work, what would you do with them? Schedule changes for medical interns have been made various times in the past, with the hope being that the residents would rest while outside of hospital walls. Shorter shifts would mean more rest and less fatigue among medical professionals, right?

Pennsylvania worker injured in hit-and-run accident

During morning rush hour in the Liberty Tunnels in Pittsburgh on March 14, a vehicle hit a worker for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, or PennDOT. The vehicle had moved into the traffic around a single-vehicle accident inside the tunnels. The driver who hit the worker immediately fled the crime scene at high speed. This incident caused several miles of traffic congestion. Various emergency vehicles, including an ambulance, tow trucks, fire engines and cars from the Pittsburgh police department, completely blocked the tunnel's outbound left lane. According to law enforcement officials, the injured worker was later transported to Mercy Hospital. Although the victim was in stable condition, he suffered injuries to his left leg as a result of this workplace accident. Police are currently searching for the individual who reportedly caused his injuries while driving a 2010 four-door Dodge.

Fatal Pennsylvania bus accident sparks concern over charter rides

In the past couple of years, various bus accidents that have taken the lives of passengers have shaken up not just the communities where they occurred, but the nation. Are tour buses really a safe way to travel? What about charter buses that so commonly carry students, young lives that deserve the utmost protection?

Study suggests employers are blind to the abilities of the blind

There are many things that hiring manages and businesses must keep in mind when building its group of workers. There are laws that must be followed in order for the hiring process to be ethical and fair to candidates. Having a diverse workforce can be a significant strength to a company.

Saylorsburg woman sues manufacturers of garage door after injury

A former support manager at the Stroudsburg location of PetSmart is suing two Pennsylvania-based garage door manufacturers over injuries she sustained nearly two years ago while on the job. The workplace accident resulted in several serious injuries to the woman. The incident took place back on July 27, 2011 when the manager rolled up a commercial garage door produced by the two defendants in order to give construction workers access to the company's trash collecting area. The lawsuit alleges that while the manager was standing at the door, a torsion spring on the garage door gave out and caused the heavy door to crash down onto her shoulder and force her to the ground.

Pennsylvania patient wins medical malpractice suit against doctor

It can be difficult to put trust in someone. But when one's health and quality of life rely on a medical professional, there is little choice but to trust that he will perform his job according to safety regulations. A Pennsylvania patient unfortunately came to the realization that his trust had been violated.

Vat fall kills Philly sugar plant employee

According to authorities, a New Jersey resident working at a sugar processing facility in the Philadelphia suburbs fell into a vat and died after an unknown period of time. Although none of the man's coworkers actually witnessed the accident, it was reported that he had previously been observed attempting to open a clog from the top of a hopper near the tank.The 50-year-old victim's body was only discovered later, when the clog continued to present a problem. A subcontractor who was called in to fix the issue found the body on Feb. 25 after investigating an auxiliary tank access. According to the county coroner, the man's death is being classified as a workplace accident

Tough enforcement of local anti-texting law prevents traffic tickets

Whereas distracted driving legislation is supposed to prevent distracted driving, a year after Pennsylvania's texting while driving law has been passed, research shows that a different kind of prevention is the problem. When a law is difficult for officers to enforce, they will avoid citing suspects for violations. Therefore, the wording of the law prevents potentially careless drivers from being cited for texting specifically.

Pennsylvania boy's death: Result of bullies or hospital error, too?

Not just the public in Pennsylvania but the entire country is heartbroken by the news that a 12-year-old boy died after an alleged attack on him by so-called bullies from his school. More recent reports of the bullying incident present another possible reason why the young victim didn't survive his injuries.

Heroin treatment: Cause of impaired driving in Pennsylvania?

No one wants to see their loved ones suffer, whether they are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction or suffering from car accident injuries. A push for reform regarding heroin treatment takes both addiction and Pennsylvania traffic safety into account.

Defendants claim protection in Pa. workplace accident suit

An individual injured by a crane at the Fairless Hills U-Haul factory brought allegations of negligence leading to an unsafe working environment against four related defendants. The injury occurred in March of 2012 when a crane fell on the worker and caused several serious injuries, including disc injuries and spinal fractures. The lawsuit seeks payment for the Pennsylvania resident's medical expenses, including surgery.Lawyers for the defendants have entered motions in an attempt to change venue and remove themselves from the list of defendants. Lawyers for U-Haul and Falls manufacturing company have also filed a motion alleging protection from the worker's claims under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act. Civil claims involving workplace accidents are not allowed under the Act, according to the plaintiffs' petition. This petition rests on the "borrowed servant" doctrine, which in turn relies on the courts accepting that the worker was an employee of Centrix Staffing and only a "borrowed servant" of the defendants.

Fatal workplace injuries reported at Pennsylvania coal company

CONSOL is a mining company based in Pennsylvania considered by many to be among the safest coal-mine operators in the country. Despite a better track record than most, however, CONSOL had three workers fatally injured on the job over a period of four months with two of those deaths occurring in a one-week period.The last workplace accident of the three happened recently at the Loveridge mine located in West Virginia. Despite the ongoing investigation, the company has already attempted to place fault on the miner in its employ. Mine safety officials reported only that the miner was struck in the head while he was re-railing a loaded supply car with a slate bar, which is a long-handled tool similar to a pry bar. The investigation is considering whether the pry bar was in fact being used to re-rail a supply car.

Disabled workers no longer required to show 'job readiness'

Pennsylvania residents with disabilities face any number of employment-related obstacles. Many people who want to work have a physical or intellectual disability that prevents them from performing a job. Even those who have the ability to work, either full time or part time, have for years been required to prove to some employers that they are able to perform the duties of the job for which they are applying.

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