In the past couple of years, various bus accidents that have taken the lives of passengers have shaken up not just the communities where they occurred, but the nation. Are tour buses really a safe way to travel? What about charter buses that so commonly carry students, young lives that deserve the utmost protection?

A recent bus accident on the Pennsylvania turnpike is another case of a tragic situation. Seton Hill University’s female lacrosse team chartered a bus to travel for their sport. Their travels didn’t turn out as they should have, however. Something went seriously wrong, sending the loaded bus off of the turnpike and into a tree.

The impact of the bus crash led to various injured passengers, 19 of whom needed hospital attention. The 61-year-old driver didn’t survive the crash, and neither did a 30-year-old lacrosse coach. Adding to the level of tragedy in this incident, that coach was about 7 months pregnant and her baby didn’t survive the accident, either.

It is clear to understand why the community is moved to intense sadness following the bus accident. Those involved in the crash and the community will want answers as to why the wreck happened. No other vehicle reportedly was involved. With the driver being one of the fatal victims of the crash, investigators will have to look elsewhere to find answers.

Officials are investigating the charter bus company that employed the driver and is responsible for the bus. In incidents like this, a company will want to prove that it properly maintained its vehicles as well as put a safe bus driver on the road.

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Source: NBC 10 Philadelphia, “Bus Crash That Killed Pregnant Coach And Driver Is Being Investigated,” Danielle Johnson and David Chang, March 18, 2013