Brain injuries received during the course of what is ordinarily a routine work assignment have a devastating effect on the worker. This is an obvious statement that most anyone can imagine. What some people do not understand is how this kind of injury creates ripples that spread to every member of the victim’s family and even to non-related members of the community.

When workplace brain injuries occur with no fault of the worker, the victim deserves all the help he or she can get. This is why we at Shollenberger, Januzzi and Wolfe are so proud to be the recipients of the 2014 Litigator Award for extraordinary achievement within the brain injury litigation field. Receiving this award is a great honor, but more importantly, it lets us know that our efforts to advocate for brain injury victims are working.

To become eligible for this prestigious award, law firms must achieve a set of performance benchmarks based on “verdict and/or settlement” dollar amount achievements rather than a peer popularity system. Some of these benchmarks include:

— Winning at least two verdicts or settlements of $1 million or more within the last five years– Winning at least one verdict or settlement of $5 million or more within the last 10 years– Winning at least one verdict or settlement of $10 million or more within the last 20 years

Less than one percent of all attorneys achieve the above requirements for the Litigator Award, but for us, it is not about the award itself. It is about knowing that we are making a difference. We would like to invite any Pennsylvania-based resident who has suffered brain injury either at work or in any negligent situation to review our website and decide how we can work for them. We stand ready to help these victims get the justice they deserve.