Pennsylvania can be a busy place. In a typical workday, thousands of people are working hard to meet deadlines or quotas and simply catch up to themselves. Working at such paces has its advantages such as bigger paychecks, promotions and even feelings of accomplishments. It can also have a very serious downside and that is risk of suffering workplace accidents.

Being injured in a workplace accident happens far too often. Along with the pain and suffering of the injury, a worker must often take time off from work in order to recover. To help the worker stay afloat during his or her recovery, workers’ compensation usually comes into play, which can have a trickledown effect on the economy. Sadly, many of the workplace accidents Pennsylvania workers endure are entirely preventable, according to the National Safety Council. These work accidents or incidents include:

— Overexertion: When employees know how to lift, lean and move properly, overexertion injuries from handling heavy or bulky items can be greatly reduced.

— Falling: Many of the state’s industries require working in high places. Utilizing safety gear correctly could help reduce these types of workplace incidents.

— Slipping and Tripping: Implementing safety equipment like non-slip rugs and slippery floor signs can go a long way toward minimizing these kinds of accidents.

— Falling Objects: Employees should use safe stacking and storing practices to reduce these injuries. Labeling areas at risk of falling objects also helps improve safety.

— Machine Accidents: When combined with stringent employee safety training, equipment like safety guards and machinery barriers can help eliminate many accidents involving machinery.

It is up to the employer to train staff members on safety measures and to provide a safe environment in which to work. However, workers’ compensation is a wonderful resource when accidents do occur. Learn more about workers’ compensation and workplace safety hazards on our informative website. At Shollenberger, Januzzi and Wolfe, we help injured workers pursue the compensation they rightfully deserve.