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April 2014 Archives

Hard to say how many affected by drug-addicted medical workers

Pennsylvania residents expect that when they require medical treatment, they will be treated by doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals who have their well-being in mind. Unfortunately, and likely more often than anyone realizes, this is not always the case.

Study: More than 50,000 preventable workplace deaths last year

Pennsylvania residents might be disturbed by a recent report published by the National Council on Occupational Safety and Health, which claimed that more than 50,000 people died in workplace-related injuries and illnesses in 2013. Among these deaths, said the report, was that of a 27-year-old camera assistant working on the film "Midnight Rider," who was killed while helping her crew set up a scene on a live train track on a trestle over a river. When a train came, she was unable to escape. This death, along with many others, was preventable, according to National COSH.

Could accidents be prevented with better distracted driving laws?

Earlier this month on our Pennsylvania personal injury blog, we wrote about how one woman's life was permanently altered by a distracted driver who crashed into her family's vehicle. The accident killed her parents and inflicted catastrophic injuries on the woman, who now travels the country to advocate for stronger distracted driving laws. The woman said that Pennsylvania's laws against distracted driving are especially tame compared with those in other states.

Motorcycle safety can go a long way toward avoiding injuries

This winter has been a particularly tough one for Pennsylvanians and people all over the country. Now that it's finally warming up, several rites of spring are upon us, including Easter, an abundance of robins, and folks wanting to get out and about after several long, cold months spent inside. One way that Pennsylvanians love to get out and enjoy their surroundings is by taking a ride on their motorcycles.

Bully of disabled kids gets court-ordered comeuppance

How far should the justice system go to defend the rights of the disabled? Many people might feel that not enough is done on a daily basis, but one case that is getting some international attention is demonstrating how some people are willing to go to bat for the disabled -- even if not everyone agrees with the method that was used.

Federal appeals court upholds SeaWorld trainer drowning decision

Pennsylvania SeaWorld fans might have heard about the trainer at the SeaWorld Park in Orlando, Florida, who was interacting with a killer whale on Feb. 24, 2010, when the whale took hold of her and pulled her from a platform and into the pool. She was held underwater and drowned in front of a live audience. A documentary film was produced in 2013 based upon Tilikum, the killer whale who was involved in the drowning, and it was entitled "Blackfish."

Shortly after dad's funeral, 4-year-old son killed in car crash

It goes without saying that there is never a good time for a car accident to occur. However, there are some circumstances in which the tragedy of losing a loved one in a fatal crash is compounded by other events. This is what a southeastern Pennsylvania family is facing after a 4-year-old boy was killed when he was hit by a passing vehicle.

Could left-hand turns become a thing of the past?

Is driving a right, or is it a privilege? While many Americans might suggest that it's the former, it is actually the latter. Driver's licenses are granted by the government, and can be revoked for moving violations or more serious crimes. Such actions are taken with public safety in mind. In the same vein, governments might decide to drastically change the rules of the road in order to improve safety -- and, hopefully, lower the accident rate.

New vehicles will have rear-view technology to prevent accidents

Car accidents come in many forms, but while sometimes they are essentially impossible to avoid, on other occasions they are very much preventable. As such, automakers have devoted lots of time and energy to technology that would be able to help overcome some of these preventable car accidents. One that many people have found useful is rear-view technology.

Woman's story is harrowing reminder of cost of distracted driving

We've all heard about Pennsylvania car accidents that are caused by distracted driving. Many times on our blog, we will write about the details of a fatal crash, but we don't always hear about the continuing effects of such a crash on the victims and their families. These sorts of details help to paint the picture of why it is often important to seek compensation from those who are at fault in serious motor vehicle accidents. The recovery process can be long, painful and expensive.

Woman exits car after accident, is fatally struck by big rig

Following a motor vehicle accident, there are multiple emotions running through the heads of the people involved: worry for the health of the people in their vehicle; anger at the other driver involved; and anxiety at the potential costs that might be on the horizon. However, it is important to keep these emotions in check in the event of a car accident. People might forget that they are often still in danger after they crash, particularly if they are on a busy roadway.

School worker injured in incident with student

A Pennsylvania school worker was knocked unconscious on March 21 after he was reportedly attacked by a student. The workplace injury happened at John Bartram High School, which is on South 67th Street in Philadelphia. According to authorities, the worker and a student exchanged words while students were changing classes. The student then slammed the worker into a wall.

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