A Pennsylvania school worker was knocked unconscious on March 21 after he was reportedly attacked by a student. The workplace injury happened at John Bartram High School, which is on South 67th Street in Philadelphia. According to authorities, the worker and a student exchanged words while students were changing classes. The student then slammed the worker into a wall.

The worker was knocked unconscious and suffered a fractured skull and a concussion. The student was suspended and may eventually be expelled. According to school officials, the worker is a conflict resolution specialist. His job is to help the students resolve conflicts and change classes without disruption. One parent of a student at the school said that the incident has made him concerned about the school’s safety.

An official from the Philadelphia Teacher’s Union said that the incident wouldn’t have happened if there had been more security at the school. He said the school has cut down on security staff and other non-faculty personnel, which has led to safety and discipline issues. The school district’s website said there were 44 serious incidents, including 18 assaults, during the last school year. A teacher at the school said student safety and fear is a real issue that faculty must deal with on a daily basis.

The school worker could endure financial hardship in addition to his physical injuries. He may have significant medical bills and lost wages for time away from work. If his injuries have long-term consequences, he may have trouble returning to his former position. He could apply for workers’ compensation to help manage those costs. Even though a student was reportedly responsible for the injuries, the worker would likely still be eligible for compensation since the incident happened at work.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, “Student Accused of Knocking School Worker Unconscious“, David Chang, March 24, 2014