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November 2013 Archives

Peers in medicine face internal struggle over reporting errors

There is what in TV and movies at least some characters might call a "snitch." Among groups of kids, there is the "tattle tale." These are not ideal classifications that most would want to take on. But there are situations when telling the truth is of utmost importance.

Holiday brings to mind anti-DUI efforts in Pennsylvania

Most people's Thanksgiving turkeys are probably thawing, with the cooks prepping for a big day on Thursday. While cooks have their traditional concerns this holiday, safety officials and police have classic concerns of their own. Drunk driving accidents are on the list of concerns.

Colorado miners killed, sick from mining accident

Pennsylvania workers may be subjected to dangerous working conditions due to the large amount of factories and associated industrial accidents. However, a recent mining accident in Colorado was the site of the latest large-scale workplace accident.

Mental health coverage change highlights impact of mental illness

What can keep a person from being able to work? There are various situations, work injuries, other injuries and illnesses that can keep employees from performing their jobs. Often, the inability to work is a short-term, temporary hurdle. For others, their injury or illness could make for a long-term disability.

Last year showed increase in number of motorcycle crash deaths

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that U.S. roads are safer today than they were in the 1950s. But that is more than 60 years ago. Surely laws and knowledge alone would result in better drivers and fewer traffic fatalities, right?

Trooper qualifies for workers' compensation

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in favor of a state trooper who sought workers' compensation benefits after a fatal pedestrian accident. Originally, the Commonwealth Court and Workers' Compensation Appeal Board denied benefits to the trooper, saying that dangerous situations should be expected in his line of work. The Supreme Court, however, said that the accident was especially traumatic and that the trooper is allowed to receive compensation for his resulting psychological disabilities.

Distracted driving isn't a danger posed only by young drivers

The stereotypical visual that might pop into a person's head at the mention of distracted driving is probably an 18-year-old with music blaring and the windows of her car rolled down as she is staring at her phone and laughing at her latest text message. Maybe it is time to reevaluate society's understanding of who is putting the needless danger of cell phone distractions on Pennsylvania roads and roads nationwide.

Lawmakers seek changes to black lung benefits program

Lawmakers are working on a piece of legislation that will help overhaul workers' compensation for black lung, a condition that affects many Pennsylvania coal miners. The program was started in the 1960s to help coal miners who suffered from the disease unique to the occupation. Advanced black lung is a serious condition that can lead to death. However, a recent ABC News report raised concerns that workers are wrongly being turned down from the program.

Pennsylvania court holds the line on medical malpractice verdict

Nobody wants to go through the experience of being hospitalized for a serious medical condition. However, patients might feel comforted by the knowledge that medical staff is on hand to provide care as needed. The unfortunate reality is that medical institutions don't always provide the level of care people come to expect.

Celeb's motorcycle-related controversy highlights safety concern

It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. That's the saying, right? It is a philosophy that motivates many people to take on as many safety precautions that they can in order to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, accidents will happen, usually because another person failed to act responsibly.

Common causes of Pennsylvania worker accidents

There are a wide variety of reasons that workplace accidents occur, many of which are preventable. When organizations are proactive about ensuring the safety of their employees, a workplace injury is less likely to occur. Some of the most common causes of accidents are wet floors, hazardous materials and unsecured objects. When these issues are not dealt with, it can lead to injury or even death as well as increasing insurance rates and decreased employee morale.

Did Halloween prove more hazardous than happy?

Well, the treats have been handed out. The tricks have been played. The string of horror movies are no longer playing on TV like they have been the past couple of weeks. Halloween is behind us for the year. Some, however, might not be able to so casually forget that the holiday is over if they were victims of what can be a dangerous night on the roads in Pennsylvania.

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