Well, the treats have been handed out. The tricks have been played. The string of horror movies are no longer playing on TV like they have been the past couple of weeks. Halloween is behind us for the year. Some, however, might not be able to so casually forget that the holiday is over if they were victims of what can be a dangerous night on the roads in Pennsylvania.

An ABC News report compiled a list of common Halloween dangers that pose a risk to children, all pedestrians and motorists. Among the various ways a person might get injured on the spooky holiday are traffic accidents. Halloween can increase the risk of various kinds of motor vehicle incidents.

Travelers insurance reports that the rate of kids dying in pedestrian-car accidents more than doubles on Halloween. It is supposed to be a night of fun, games, treats and harmless tricks. All of that fun can result in tragedy. Kids should be chaperoned and act responsibly while navigating the roads during trick or treating. But pedestrian accidents, especially on Halloween, are often drivers’ fault.

Just as kids like to have fun on the fall holiday, so do adults. Holiday fun in the hands of adults commonly involves alcohol, therefore boosting the likelihood that drunk driving accidents will plague the roads. Combine excited children and impaired drivers, and it is sadly no surprise that people aren’t just nursing candy hangovers the day after Oct. 31.

If someone is nursing a more serious injury caused by a drunk or careless driver, he or she should seek the advice of a car accident lawyer in their area. A holiday doesn’t give people an excuse to violate the law and jeopardize others’ safety. Trick-or-treating doesn’t have to come with a side of tragedy.

Source: ABC News, “Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and Adults,” Joanna Prisco, Oct. 29, 2013