Employees who get hurt on the job are potentially eligible for certain benefits. Workers’ compensation coverage can replace someone’s lost income if they cannot work due to their medical challenges. Workers’ compensation can also pay for necessary medical treatment for injuries or job-related illnesses.

Frequently, employees make the mistake of attempting to navigate a claim without support. They may only reach out for legal assistance after challenges arise, like an employer fighting their claim. Most employees probably don’t have much experience with bureaucratic benefits programs and may benefit from consulting with a lawyer before they even begin a claim.

How does a lawyer help?

The first role that a lawyer serves in a workers’ compensation claim is an educational one. They can teach their clients about what types of benefits they may be eligible for and what to expect throughout the claims process. From how long disability benefits last to rules about medical coverage, a lawyer can teach an injured employee about their rights.

After verifying that the worker is likely to qualify, a lawyer can assist them with the process of completing the necessary paperwork. Small mistakes or omissions on official forms can be enough to delay someone’s benefits approval.

Finally, a lawyer can help if challenges do arise during the claims process. They are already aware of the worker’s circumstances and can advocate for them whether they need to appeal denied benefits or request a second opinion because the doctor wants them to return to work too soon.

Workers benefit from increased chances of success when they have legal representation throughout the claims process. They may also find it easier to assert themselves, possibly by asking for accommodations to return to work, when they know their rights and have someone advocating for them.

Having an attorney manage the workers’ compensation claims process can allow an employee to focus primarily on healing their medical condition instead of wasting energy trying to learn about the detailed requirements of workers’ compensation claims. Injured and sickened employees who get the right support as early as possible often have an easier time obtaining benefits and can potentially maximize the benefits they receive.