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Most collisions are preventable, but drivers aren’t always the ones in a position to prevent a wreck. Crashes of all types, including semi-truck collisions, often take place because of what drivers do or do not do at the wheel.

Maintaining an inappropriately high speed, failing to monitor surroundings or getting behind the wheel after drinking are all examples of choices that can lead to preventable collisions. Semi-truck drivers can make mistakes at the wheel just as easily as anyone else. A large percentage of crashes involve drivers who make the wrong choices in traffic.

However, some semi-truck collisions are technically the fault of the transportation company that hired a driver, rather than the person in control of any particular commercial truck. The following are some of the situations in which a semi-truck company may be liable for a commercial crash.

Poor vehicle maintenance

According to federal commercial collision research, approximately one in 10 semi-truck crashes occur due to issues with the vehicle itself. Problems with any of the major systems in the truck could cause a collision. Improperly loading the trailer on the truck could also lead to a driver losing control and causing a preventable wreck.

Company practices that affect driver performance

Sometimes, transportation companies put too much pressure on their drivers. They insist that they handle dispatch devices while on the road. They encourage speeding or hours of service violations by being very strict about delivery times. They may fail to offer training or might bend the rules regarding who they hire because of difficulty getting the drivers they need to keep the company running.

If a company puts a driver in a position to cause a crash through unsafe conduct, then the organization may be liable for the losses that result. Particularly in cases where insurance coverage isn’t enough to offset the losses caused by the crash, legal action against a transportation company could be the best path to compensation.

Those directly affected by semi-truck collisions may need to review the scenario carefully with a skilled legal team to determine who is liable and truly to blame for the crash. Holding a transportation company accountable could be the best option available for someone harmed as a result of a commercial wreck.